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[TRAINING] Enhancing Awareness of Network Security at VILAF

08:00:00 21-04-2024 - 20:00:00 21-04-2024

Internal training on the topic “Enhancing Awareness of Network Security”

On April 19, GLS ISB successfully organized a training session on the topic of Network Security Awareness for over 70 personnel including leadership, management, and staff at Vietnam International Law Firm Limited Liability Company (VILAF). VILAF is one of the leading law firms in Vietnam specializing in cross-border merger and acquisition transactions. Enhancing awareness of network security is critically important in the current context of cybersecurity concerns.

Organization’s Needs and Expertise

The training session was led by expert Mr. Philip Hùng Cao – a strategist & senior advisor on network security awareness. The training content focused on important issues related to the culture of information security within the enterprise and measures to protect network security. Expert Philip Hùng Cao shared extensive knowledge about the importance of building a culture of information security within the organization, particularly emphasizing the need to enhance awareness and commitment from all employees. He presented methods and strategies to create a positive working environment for information security, especially highlighting safety precautions when using one of the hottest tools today, Artificial Intelligence (AI), including training employees and establishing information security procedures.

Đào tạo An toàn thông tin tại VILAF
Training Awareness of Network Security

Information Security Training at VILAF

Main content of the information security training:

  • Importance of information security: Information security is not only a technical requirement but also a decisive factor in building trust from customers and partners.
  • Why software updates are necessary and how to protect information: Regular software updates are an important measure to prevent new security vulnerabilities, and information protection needs to be considered from both technical and policy perspectives.
  • Enhancing information security awareness and Zero Trust model: Mr. Philip discussed enhancing information security awareness and implementing the Zero Trust model as an effective way to prevent sophisticated cyberattacks today.
  • Phishing password demo: This is an important part of the workshop, helping employees recognize real threats and prevention methods visually and vividly.
Mr Philip Hùng Cao – A strategist & senior advisor on network security awareness

In addition to providing necessary knowledge to understand information security and how to protect data in today’s digital business environment, creating a closed internal information exchange environment is also a trend to increase security and limit information leakage and cyberattacks. Enterprises have also considered using internal communication platforms such as E-office Base.vn solution.